October 2017

Our  new paper on olfcation in the Zebra Finch out.

Sci Rep Titelpage

September 2017

Looking forward to seeing you at the annual DZG meeting in Bielefeld.

12.-16. September 2017


August 2017

Sarah’s paper on preen gland size enlargement during the course of breeding in zebra finches is online. Blog entry


Our Review on animal coloration is out!    Science Review Outlook


May 2017

Verena received a fellowship for young researchers from Bielefeld University, Congratulations Verena!!!


Our newest paper on olfaction in blue tits is online link

Nestling blue tits can discriminate between the smell of other nestlings and adapt their begging behaviour accordingly.


January 2017

There are two new member in the group

Welcome Verena and Öncü!!!





November 2016

College for Life Sciences, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin!!

The call for applications  for the academic year 2017/2018 is out !

Deadline is January 8th!

Don´t miss this wonderful opportunity.


September 2016

I am happy to welcome a new member in the group.

Jan Sauer started his postdoc project on the Impact of skin microbes on odour production.


August 2016

Our new paper on chicken olfaction is online.


July 2016

Our latest paper on wing sac chemistry of greater sac-winged bats is online.


June 2016

What a great meeting! Thanks to all participants and the Ethological Society and the DZG for financial support!

Graduate meeting of the Ethological Society and the Section “Animal Behavior” of the DZG. 3.06-5.06 in Gülpe.



May 2016

Our newest paper is online:

Female Zebra Finches Smell Their Eggs

Congratulations Sarah!


Coming soon

Graduate meeting of the Ethological Society and the Section “Animal Behavior” of the DZG. 3.06-5.06 in Gülpe (close to Potsdam). 

There are only a few places left. Deadline for abstracts has been prolonged until all slots are filled.  


I am currently looking for a PhD student!

Advertisement phd position


Our newest paper on

“Long-term consequences of early nutritional conditions on the behaviour and growth of fire salamanders” is online


College for Life Sciences, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin!!

The call fro applications  for the academic year 2016/2017 is out !

Deadline is February 7th!

Don´t miss this wonderful opportunity.


Bachelor and Master Students Welcome

There are several interesting projects available. In case you are interested please contact me via email.





Have a look at a great  comment on our latest PNAS article by Steve Portugal in the Journal of Experimental Biology


from October 2015 untill March 2016 I am a fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin


Oktober 2015

Kathrin Engel ist seit heute in unserem Team


September 2015

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Sarah, zum Posterpreis auf der Jahrestagung der DZG

Poster Preis

September 2015

Our paper on

Impact on kin odour on reproduction in zebra finches

is online


August 2015

Our latest paper is online


June 2015

Our newest paper on odour discrimination in zebra finch hatchlings is online

An Easy Method to Test Odour Recognition in Songbird Hatchlings


February 2015

Marta Rossi started her internship.


Januar 2015

Meine Arbeitsgruppe hat zwei neue Mitglieder

Herzlich Willkommen : Sarah Golüke und Sebastian Dörrenberg


22. Dezember 2014

Frohe Weihnachten und alles Gute für 2015!!


16. Dezember 2014

Our paper on fire salamanders is online:

Caspers BA, Steinfartz S, Krause Et (Online first) Larval deposition behaviour and maternal investment of females reflect differential habtat adaptation in a genetically diverging salamander population. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology link


11.-14. September 2014

Jahrestagung der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft.

Vielen Dank an die Fachgruppe Verhaltensbiologie für die Einladung. Es war einfach toll.


18. August 2014

Our newest paper on avian olfaction is online:

Krause ET, Brummel C, Kohlwey S, Baier MC, Müller C, Bonadonna F, Caspers BA (Online first) Differences in olfactory species recognition in the females of two Australian songbird species. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology   link


1. Juli 2014

I am currently looking for two PhD students.


Coming soon

International Society of Chemical Ecology/Chemical Signals in Vertebrates

8.-12. Juli 2014 in Illinois, USA


29. April 2014:

Es war unglaublich spannend und aufregend – die Preisverleihung der Freigeist-Stipendien. Ein wunderschöner Abend im Schloss Herrenhausen und ein großer Dank an die VolkswagenStiftung.

taken by Suhwa Lee

Suhwa Lee für VolkswagenStiftung