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Department of Animal Behaviour
Bielefeld University
Morgenbreede 45
33615 Bielefeld

Foto: „Mirko Krenzel für VolkswagenStiftung“

Curriculum Vitae


Research positions / scientific career

since 09/17 Associate Editor of Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B

since 09/15 Sprecherin der Fachgruppe Verhaltensbiologie der DZG

from 10/15-03/16 Fellow at the College for Life Sciences, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin

since 2015 listed in AcademiaNet

since 07/2014 Junior Research Group Leader: Function and mechanism of olfactory kin reocgnition in a songbird, the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) funded by a Freigeist Fellow (VolkswagenStiftung) at Bielefeld University (Department of Animal Behaviour)

10/12 – 04/14 Postdoc with Oliver Krüger at Bielefeld University (Department of Animal Behaviour)

07/09 – 06/12 Postdoc with Sebastian Steinfartz at Bielefeld University (Department of Animal Behaviour, “eigene Stelle” DFG, CA 889/1)

02/09 – 06/09 maternity leave and childcare

02/08 – 02/09 Research assistant at Bielefeld University, Group Sebastian Steinfartz: Mechanisms of adaptive speciation and intra- and interspecific olfactory communication in the fire salamander

10/07 – 12/07 Research assistant at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin (IZW)

03/06 – 10/07 maternity leave and childcare

09/02 – 10/05 Research assistant at the IZW (Berlin),  Group Christian Voigt: Olfactory communication in the greater sac-winged bat

Grants // prices // fundraising

10/15-03/16 Fellow at the College for Life Sciences, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin
04/14  Freigeist-Fellowship of the VolkswagenStiftung
07/12 Niko-Tinbergen Prize of the Ethological Society e.V. for outstanding research on the role of olfactory communication in animal behaviour
01/12 Research grant of the Ethological Society e.V.
01/11 Research grant from the Bielefeld University Young Researcher Fund
11/10 Research grant from the DGHT
01/10 Research Grant University Bielefeld
07/09-06/12 Post-doc grant DFG “eigene Stelle” (CA889/1)
01/06-11/06 Grant of the Berliner Chancengleichheitsprogamm (Humboldt University Berlin)

Presentations // invited talks (selected)

03/17 Universität Bern, Olfactory kin recognition – are birds really an exception?

03/17 Friedrich Löffler Institute, Celle: Chemical signalling in vertebrates

02/16 Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin: Adpotion, Alloparental Care and Smelling Birds

08/15 symposiums speaker at the EUO in Badajoz, Spain (invited talk): Olfactory parent recognition in songbird hatchlings

09/14 section speaker behavioral biology, 107th Meeting of the DZG, Göttingen, Germany
The neglected sense: Olfactory Communication in Zebra Finches (invited talk)

07/14 CSIV Champaign-Urbana, USA
Olfactory kin recognition as an efficient mechanism against

11/13 Biologisches Kolloquium, Universität Siegen (invited talk)
Ein (fast) vergessener Sinn: Olfaktorische Kommunikation bei Zebrafinken

08/12 World Congress of Herpetology,  Vancouver, Canada
Mechanisms of adaptive speciation in the Fire Salamander

07/12 European Conference on Behavioural Biology 2012, Essen  (invited talk)
The sense of scent: The use of chemical cues for social communication in vertebrates


Hormones and Behaviour, Animal Behaivour, Behavioural Ecology, Animal Cognition, Biology letters, Naturwissenschaften, Amphibia-Reptilia, Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, Molecular Ecology, Journal of Experimental Biology


SoSe 2017

200925 Projektmodul “Verhalten”

205053 Behaviour and Evolution Seminar Series (S)

202543  Spezialmodul “Mechanismen des Verhaltens (proximate und ultimate Aspekte)”,  Bielefeld

205034  Journalclub “Olfactory communication in vertebrates”


11/2008 PhD in Biology at the Humboldt University of Berlin
“Olfactory communication in the sac-winged bat Saccopteryx bilineata“

03/2002 Diplom of Biology, University Bielefeld:
Sexual imprinting on a novel blue trait in the zebra finch Taeniopygia guttata

04/1997 Vordiplom at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz

06/1994 Abitur; Einstein Gymnasium Rheda-Wiedenbrück,


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